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Thu, Apr 18, 2024


    Cyber Concepts was created in 1989 to support customers of a business that was closing. After a short time, we were supporting trucking companies, creating shipping software and maintaining their computers.

Lately we've been creating some tools that came out of necessity and we thought would be useful to others.

➢ Inspector Android App

Inspector allows you to take pictures, mark them up, answer some highly customizable questions which can be placed on the picture and/or sent as text in an email to a predetermined email address.
This is a very brief summary of what it can do because it is the most customizable app we've seen so far.

➢ MultiTool Windows App

MultiTool started out as a simple program to display an image without a border to be shared during a Zoom session.
Now it does all of the little tasks I need during the day, like sorting lines of text or numbers, finding files, ftp file transfer, displaying a calendar, displaying a customizable clock, automatically capturing images put on the clipboard and allowing them to be rotated, flipped, negated, cropped and saved, and easy access to over a dozen of the more common Windows utilities.

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